Curated Model: Positive feedback promotes temporal modularity in mitosis


Araujo, A. R., Gelens, L., Sheriff, R. S., & Santos, S. D. (2016).
Positive feedback keeps duration of mitosis temporally insulated from upstream cell-cycle events.
Molecular cell, 64(2), 362-375.

PMID: 27768873  DOI: 10.1016/j.molcel.2016.09.018  BioModel: BIOMD0000000657


Quantitative measurements of cell-cycle dynamics in single cells showed that despite variability in G1-, S-, and G2 phases, duration of mitosis is short and remarkably constant. Surprisingly, there is no correlation between cell-cycle length and mitotic duration, suggesting that mitosis is temporally insulated from variability in earlier cell-cycle phases. In this model, ordinary differential equations (ODEs) describe the basic regulatory network that drives cells in and out of mitosis, predicting that positive feedback promotes temporal modularity in mitosis.


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Figure 7B
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CycB-Cdk1 (nM)
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Cyclin B (nM)
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APC activation fraction


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John Albanese, Michael Blinov