Curated VCell Model: Phosphorylation of PLB by AKAP7 and PKA


Rigatti, M., Le, A.V., Gerber, C., Moraru, I.I. and Dodge-Kafka, K.L., 2015. Phosphorylation state-dependent interaction between AKAP7δ/γ and phospholamban increase phospholamban phosphorylation. Cellular signaling, 27(9), pp.1807-1815.

PMID:26027516  DOI: 10.1016/j.cellsig.2015.05.016


This model describes the binding and phosphorylation of PLB by AKAP7 upon production of cAMP and activation of PKA. A complete description can be found in the paper linked at the publication section. This completed and curated model has been broken up into four ModelBricks listed below.

The curated model

VCell: reaction diagram SBGN-PD visualization
VCell simulation in Curated Model.
Run time was set at 10000s to allows the species to reach steady state before stimulation, initial concentration of AKAP is set at 0.38uM.
Publication figure 5A

There is a difference between the simulations in the curated model compare to the figure 5A in the publication mainly because the publication does not specify all the parameters for this figure and the author of the original model had tried different parameters which are available in the published Biomodels folder in VCell.


VCell curated model CM_PM26027516.vcml Designed with VCell
GraphML CM_PM26027516.graphml Designed with VANTED (SBGN-ED)
SBGN-ML CM_PM26027516.sbgn Exported from VANTED (SBGN-ED)


  1. Gs activation
  2. cAMP production
  3. PKA activation
  4. AKAP binds PLB


Maria Heredia, Michael Blinov