Curated Model: HIV latency described by HIV proteins’ interactions and the innate immune response


Aguilera, L. U., & Rodríguez-González, J. (2014).
Studying HIV latency by modeling the interaction between HIV proteins and the innate immune response.
Journal of theoretical biology, 360, 67-77.

PMID: 24997239  DOI: 10.1016/j.jtbi.2014.06.025  BioModel: BIOMD0000000573


Studies have determined that HIV latency is influenced by the innate immune response carried out by cell restriction factors that inhibit the postintegration steps in the virus replication cycle. This mathematical model combines deterministic and stochastic approaches to analyze the interactions between HIV proteins and the innate immune response.


VCell: Reaction Diagram

These deterministic simulations (created in VCell and corresponding to Figure 2 in publication) use two different initial conditions (HIV_proteins(0)=0, CRFs(0)=0 and HIV_proteins(0)=5, CRFs(0)=0) and give rise to two stable states.
VCell: Simulation Publication: Simulation
Figure 2


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John Albanese, Michael Blinov