ModelBrick1: Regulation of root gravitropism by auxin reduced model


Band, L. R., Wells, D. M., Larrieu, A., Sun, J., Middleton, A. M., French, A. P., & Oliva, M. (2012).
Root gravitropism is regulated by a transient lateral auxin gradient controlled by a tipping-point mechanism.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109(12), 4668-4673.

PMID: 22393022  DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1201498109  BioModel: BIOMD0000000414


This ModelBrick belongs to the reduced model of the auxin gravitropism. It takes into account 3 main reactions a) the production of the reported protein construct VENUS, b) its degradation by photobleaching and c) construct degradation by auxin action.


Vcell: reaction diagram SBGN visualization
Vcell Simulation Publication Figure 2A

For simulation the doses of auxin has been set at different concentration where:

qj_start auxin (nM)
1.00 no auxin
0.68 1
0.23 5
0.16 10
0.05 100
0.03 1000


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Maria Heredia, Michael Blinov