Curated Model: Regulation of root gravitropism by auxin


Band, L. R., Wells, D. M., Larrieu, A., Sun, J., Middleton, A. M., French, A. P., … & Oliva, M. (2012).
Root gravitropism is regulated by a transient lateral auxin gradient controlled by a tipping-point mechanism.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109(12), 4668-4673.

PMID: 22393022  DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1201498109  BioModel: BIOMD0000000413


Gravity profoundly influences plant growth and development. Plants respond to changes in orientation by using gravitropic responses to modify their growth. Auxin regulates root growth by targeting Aux/IAA repressor proteins for degradation. In this case, the Aux/IAA-based reporter domain II (DII)-VENUS was used in conjunction with a mathematical model to quantify auxin redistribution following a gravity stimulus.


VCell: Reaction diagram

Publication: Simulation
Figure S15
VCell: Simulation
Auxin fold change
TIR1 fold change
Auxin-TIR1 fold change
Auxin-TIR1-VENUS fold change
VENUS fold change

In these simulations, each color corresponds to a different auxin dose, as described in the legend. These simulations correspond to Figure S15 (in the supplementary information for the publication). Figure S15E shows experimental data as well. The crosses mark the averages for each dose of auxin (IAA) and the error bars the standard error. Figure S15E is also listed as Figure 2A in the publication itself.


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  1. Reduced gravitropism model
  2. Auxin/TIR1 binding


John Albanese, Michael Blinov