Curated Model: Ca2+ coupled Cells Oscillators


Bindschadler, M., & Sneyd, J. (2001). A bifurcation analysis of two coupled calcium oscillators. Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal Of Nonlinear Science, 11(1), 237. doi: 10.1063/1.1342161
PMID:12779457  DOI: 10.1063/1.1342161  BioModels: BIOMD0000000058


This Model describes how two coupled cells affect the oscillatory behavior of Ca2+ in each other. The model asumes that Ca2+ enters the cell either by mediation of IP3 receptor or as leaking, and Ca2+ solely leaves the cell by action of ATPase pumps. The simulation resembles the “same amplitude antiphase calcium oscillations of coupled cells” presented in figure 5b in the publication, using the specifications for the IP3R’s concentrations specified in BioModels Database due to no specifications for this species where given in the publication. Also, BioModels suggest that the time t=0 in the publication figure may have been fixed after the system settle, and therefore t=0 of the simulation in BioModels neither in Vcell correspond to the t=0 in the publication.


Vcell: reaction diagram SBGN visualization
Vcell Simulation Publication Figure 5b. "Same amplitude antiphase calcium oscillations of coupled cells"


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  1. Cell Ca2+ oscillation


Maria Heredia, Michael Blinov