Curated Model: Repressilator, A Synthetic Oscillatory Network


Elowitz, M., & Leibler, S. (2000). A synthetic oscillatory network of transcriptional regulators. Nature, 403(6767), 335-338.
PMID:10659856  DOI: 10.1038/35002125  BioModels: BIOMD0000000012


This Model describes the oscillatory change in the concentration of tree repressor proteins. LacI is repressor for the transcription of tetR which in turns is repressor for the transcription of cI, finally cI is repressor for the transcription of LacI closing the cycling. The curated VCell Model reproduces the deterministic simulation obtained in BioModels Database, which in turns does not match with the results obtained in the original publication during the first 400 minutes, due to no specification for the initial conditions were given.


Vcell: reaction diagram SBGN visualization
Vcell: Deterministic Simulation Publication Figure 1C. Oscillation of 3 repressor proteins


VCell curated model CM_PM10659856.vcml Designed with VCell
SBML BIOMD0000000012.xml Exported from BioModels database
GraphML CM_PM10659856.graphml Exported from VANTED (SBGN-ED)
SBGN-ML CM_PM10659856.sbgn Exported from VANTED (SBGN-ED)


  1. cI represses LacI
  2. LacI represses TetR
  3. TetR represses cI


Maria Heredia, Michael Blinov